Visual Nurse Call Systems 

Seeing could save a life

We provide systems that are suitable for your basic nurse call needs. These systems work in multiple environments and come wired, wireless or a combination of the two to create a versatile system to fit your facility requirements

Our strategy is to provide solutions that measure up to our customers expectations. The solution is simplistic but yet both effective and efficient while requiring minimal maintenance. Our nurse call systems meet the proper UL listings and provides maximum coverage and protection for staff, patients, and residents. Events can be incorporated and directed to external devices such as pagers, two-way radios, phones, and emails.



The systems provided meets UL1069 requirements established by the Department of Health, while offering a cost effective solution to enable caregivers the ability to provide quality care to patients. The system allows responders to react quickly during an emergency reducing response times once the system is activated with little to no maintenance costs.


These systems can be designed to incorporate mutiple configurations to assist in the patient flow throughout a clinic. One configuration ultilizes a multiple light system, increasing the clinics ability to attend to more patients while incorporating nurse call. This enables caregivers to respond to any emergency effectively and efficiently.

Assisted Living and Nursing Care Facilities

We offer simple economic systems that enhance a caregivers ability to monitor and assist their residents. The system also provides vital information to first responders during an emergency situation

Senior Living and Retirement Homes 

Wired systems meeting UL1069 standards or Wireless systems meeting UL2560 Standards to help your facility keep your residents safe both in their living spaces but also throughout the entire campus allowing residents to move freely with peace of mind.