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Trevolutions, LLC is a distributor of Ring Communications, Inc. who has the most advanced, selfmonitoring, fully integrated, easy to use elevator intercom system in the world. The newest feature in off-premise transfer capabilities can be programmed with up to four telephone numbers. If a busy signal or ring-no-answer is encountered the next number is automatically dialed, and this continues until the call is answered. When the call goes through, a recorded message is played (providing caller ID, location & cab number), and may be repeated for up to three times until acknowledgment is received. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality internal communication and security systems that are extremely innovative, yet practical. We provide a full array of small and large systems with built-in flexibility and capability for customization. Some standard built in features include line supervision, ADA compliance, All Calls and Group Calls. All our systems can easily interface to CCTV and card access systems. So give us a Ring when your next project comes up to find out how cost effective our systems can be.