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Video Security

Access Security within any facility or business is always a challenge. Galaxy Door Access not only helps to overcome that challenge but also maximizes the potential with different options and yet simplifies the system with user-friendly and easy to understand software. The system is not only scalable but also allows the customer to establish their comfort level of control over the system. Devices utilized for Door Access include the following:

  • Keypad
  • Key-Fob
  • Proximaty Cards
  • Mobile Devices

cell phone door access

Video Surveillance provides a safe and secured environment for both property and people. What is viewed by cameras becomes information. Hanwha is an effectual system that allows a user to access that information both historically and real-time. Hanwha’s software can create immediate responses  to certain emergency situations through audio as well as video. The software also makes finding that historical information much quicker and easier. Hanwha is also one of the very few systems that is not manufactured in China.

video surveillance