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Security Systems

Our company provides security solutions to a wide group of organizations. Our goal is to provide more options and Intergrations that meet or exceed current industry standards


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Hanwha Cameras

Wisenet Software

Wisenet WAVE has applications for all major operating systems so our users are not limited by what device or operating system they choose to use on their desktops, mobile devices, rack mount servers, or even low-powered embedded devices.

Wise Solutions

Planning is key to developing a solution that fits within your industry. It’s easy to sell a product but if the integration or functionality fails to meet expectations, it hurts us as much as it hurts you. Let’s us design and plan a system that will work for you


Standing strong among the waves is key in staying safe

There are six reasons why you would want this system and software supporting your security team or protecting your business.

  • Simplicity – simply put ease of navigation, installation, configuration, layout, recording setup is accomplish through very simple processes
  • Light as a feather – Wisenet uses the latest technology that does not required heavy or high-end systems to run its software.
  • Reliability– If you cannot count on a system to deliver high quality imagery to understand events or built-in fail-safe system than why buy a security system. This system is capable of multiserver redundancy and delivery of high-end imagery and sound. It does not require extra licensing to do so.
  • Share your system – Once this system is Linked you can easily share or remote access this system form anywhere.
  • Whatever OS you want to use its not a problem – Our server application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu; client application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Apple macOS; mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android. Our WAVE Sync allows you to manage multiple systems and view live and archived videos directly from all of the most popular internet browsers.
  • Open SDK/API – You’ll have direct access to all of our API’s and supporting documents, with helper tools to get you going as a developer. Got feedback for improvement? Let us know so we can work together!

WAVE Software

Software that can be counted on for ease of use yet sophisticated in its delivery in analytics and functionality. Protecting is one of many aspects this software can accomplish. Protection is when security and safety is your number one objective.