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When Confidentiality Counts

Minimizing noise pollution

What is Sound Masking and what are the benefits of having this system?

Sound Masking is not what many people envision. The idea is strategically well placed speakers within the area generating ambient sound engineered to the same level of human speech . The benefit to this is conversations that are normally overheard are less less intelligible thus making that  conversation private and less distracting. However, there are other benefits to this system such as cancelling normal everyday noise that can become an annoyance.

Creating sound that actually creates quiet areas.

The statement above sounds counter productive ,however, there is some truth to that statement. Patients within hospitals hear all kind of noises and sounds when in their rooms creating more a stressful stay while healing. This systems does not eliminate those noises ,however, it does minimize those annoying everyday sounds to a minimum thus creating a more manageable and stress free patient room.

Sound masking and Atlas

Why Atlas for sound masking.

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Atlas making areas quieter and conversations private

Our main product line for sound masking is Atlas. This system can accommodate many different applications with the customers in total control.


financial sectors

Financial Sectors and Banking where sound masking can benefit the industry and its customers by keeping their information just between those having the conversations.

patient rooms

Making patients rooms more comfortable with less distractions from everyday noise giving them time to heal and rest by minimizing noise pollution.


Keeping office conversations and distractions within the confines of where they belong. 


A doctor and their patients should be able to have a normal conversation about treatments and health issues without everybody else hearing it.

Confidential doctor patient conversations


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Why HIPAA and how does sound masking help protect communications?

While calling out a patients name in a waiting is not really violating HIPAA regulations, disclosing medical information while talking with a patient can. Unfortunately,  thin walls in doctor offices, hospital rooms and waiting rooms is where HIPAA plays a vital part . Sound masking provides benefits in concealing those conversations when they are happening



Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

How does sound masking help patients determine how well their stay at a hospital went.

Hospital rooms can be extremely noisy between the sounds of medical equipment, people talking out in the hallways , doors slamming and nurses and doctors in and out can be very stressful to the patient themselves. Sound masking cannot overcome that noise , however it can minimize its effects and make their stay a little quieter and restful.

Creating Quiet: Sound Masking in Patient Rooms – HCO News