crisis alert systems


Crisis Alert Systems

Emergency situations can happen at anytime. Remote areas such as parks, parking garages, and parking lots provide seclusion from immediate assistance when needed. Medical Emergencies or criminal behavior, we can provide a lifeline for immediate help

Our system can alert those available to help, but also allows emergency responders or assigned personnel to provide a voice response for that extra piece of mind. Whether local security, help desk or 911, we can engineer the system to meet your needs.

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Alerting you to those who need help

When a crisis occurs, companies or businesses key concerns are alerting those who can keep the situation under control. Communications is vital to understanding the current situation and apply the necessary measures. Without this key component, the difference between those corrective measures and things going very wrong is critical. We believe that our solutions provide the answer, giving that level of emergency communications when needed, alerting key personnel or first responders to the current situation.

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Advantages of Crisis Alert Systems

  • Elevators: Elevator malfunction? Possible medical emergency? Need Security for something happening? Our system can help provide assistance
  • School: Medical emergency? Weather alerts ? Emergency assistance for unseen events? We are there to provide the systems or applications needed to meet your needs
  • Healthcare: Today so many things are happening throughout the healthcare industry and time is critical in meeting those needs. We provide those communications throughout hospitals , clinics, assisted living and nursing homes. Let us worry about your communication needs so you can concentrate on helping those in need.





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