galaxy door system


Why Galaxy?

All Door Access Systems Have similar capabilities. From the use of multiple types of cards to multiple integrations including CCTV, Elevator Control, and Biometric verification. So what else can Galaxy provide to improve the quality of a door access system?

  • Compatibility with Industry Technology. Not limited to Galaxy Accessories
  • Wireless Phone Application
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Intercom and Video Integration
  • Wireless Door Lock Capabilities

Temp access

Covid 19

Help make sure your employees are healthy before they enter the workplace. If they are running a temperature, actions can be taken before they are allowed access

cell phone door access

Access by wireless

Utilizing wireless phones to access rather than the traditional key cards, key fobs, or bio-metrics. Even using a combination for more security has advantages.

time and attendance

Time and Attendance

Would access control provide more accurate and secure records? How about verification of bonus hours and overtime? A system that could help with this and cannot be tampered with or manipulated easily by others.