Emergency Response

Emergency Response




Glass Breaking

Person Screaming

How can we help you provide the quickest Emergency Response?

Cameras are great for watching. How about listening? How would you respond to hearing any of these sounds? What kind of response time should be expected? Hanwha cameras can not only provide a video feed but they can detect sounds as well. Wave software can record the video as well as automate the proper emergency response to certain particular sounds.

What kind of Emergency Response would you as a customer like to see?  Would you want to Call 911, alert local security, or perhaps send out an emergency announcement? Wisenet Wave software can provide those alerts and more. The software can not only provide those responses but it can also automate them. Automating the responses can provide quicker and more effective assistance to help minimize the effects of such emergencies and create a safer environment.

How can Trevolutions help your facility? What emergencies can we help you define and automate a response for? As a company, we would like to learn what those specific needs are and help you design the system that will work best for you.