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How is your facility set for security and communications?

How are your facility communications?  If an emergency happens, can you alert everyone within your facility?How do you communicate with everyone within the facility?

How is your facility security? Can you control who enters your facility or certain rooms within your facility? Can you utilize key cards and/or a wireless phone to gain access? How is your facility set to monitor certain areas with cameras?

These are just a few questions of many we would like to help you improve. We would like to hear from you and for you to tell us your facility environment. What is a facility environment? From noise levels to the amount of people within the facility to the types of spaces and so much more. Let us know and allow us to show you how our intercom, paging, Door access, and security systems can work together to improve your operations woithin your facility.


Temperature Check Sensor

Keeping Employees Safe

Temp access

Most facilities are reconciling how to check people into their facility but making sure they are not carrying a temperature. They are positioning people at the entrances to perform a temperature check. This is to minimize spreading the virus to others. What if this could be performed automatically? What if this temperature check could inform someone and constitute a response before allowing them through the door even with a key card? This can integrate directly with our Galaxy Door Access System. The time and money saved in alleviating staff to do that could be quite significant. This could also help minimize the spread of the virus and allow for more control by your staff. Give us a scenario and let us show you how we can help.

Glass Breaking

Person Screaming

How can we help you provide the quickest Emergency Response?

Cameras are great for watching. How about listening? How would you respond to hearing any of these sounds? What kind of response time should be expected? Hanwha cameras can not only provide a video feed but they can detect sounds as well. Wave software can record the video as well as automate the proper emergency response to certain particular sounds.

What kind of Emergency Response would you as a customer like to see?  Would you want to Call 911, alert local security, or perhaps send out an emergency announcement? Wisenet Wave software can provide those alerts and more. The software can not only provide those responses but it can also automate them. Automating the responses can provide quicker and more effective assistance to help minimize the effects of such emergencies and create a safer environment.

How can Trevolutions help your facility? What emergencies can we help you define and automate a response for? As a company, we would like to learn what those specific needs are and help you design the system that will work best for you.


What is a Clean Room

A clean room is a room or area that is rated based on how many dust particles are allowed per cubic meter. They are rated from 1 to 9. What type of  rooms do you have in your facility that are ISO rated and what are those ratings?.

 How do you communicate with people inside of a clean room?

People working in this type of environment have to wear special suits, gowns and gloves. When they leave those areas, they have to remove those items and redress in new gear upon reentering area. How do you minimize multiple exits and entries. How do you communicate with those people working in that environment. Let us show you how our systems can help.

How does our intercom compare to phones?

Phones have always been the staple for communications but how do they adapt to a clean room environment? How can our intercoms improve communications in such an environment. Phones require special care for cleaning or special covers to maintain clean room standards. Our intercoms have a special membrane that is rated for up to ISO 5 that allow for no dust to get in them and can be just wiped down. How do you answer a phone? Our intercoms have auto answer and have hands free capability. How well is the noise cancellation to provide clear audio on phones. Our intercoms have adjustable noise cancellation and great audio even from across the room. Let us show you the difference and prove it to you.




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Certain elements will be centered on mobile devices and tablets and aligned to the left or right on a desktop display.

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